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Stop The Alabama Beverage Tax

Politicians are talking about a new tax on beverages like soft drinks, juice drinks, bottled water, sports drinks, fountain drinks, coffee, and teas.

How much is the proposed beverage tax?
We don’t know yet. But even if the tax were just a penny per-ounce, a 12-pack of soft drinks would go up by 25 percent. (And some products could go up by more than 65 percent!) The point is: Taxes on beverages add up fast for the average Alabamian.

What would be the consequences of this type of tax?
Adding a new tax on common grocery items like beverages means higher costs at the checkout counter—not to mention higher restaurant, vending machine, and concession stand costs. A tax like that would burden shoppers and businesses alike, putting many jobs at risk and doing untold damage to local businesses like neighborhood grocery stores and convenience stores.

Today, it’s a tax on beverages. What will it be tomorrow?
Good question. Right now, lawmakers are proposing a tax on certain types of beverages—but if we let this tax pass without a fight, the next tax could be on certain types of foods. Pretty soon any item some lawmaker doesn’t like could be up for taxation. Where it all ends is anyone’s guess.

What can I do to stop the tax?
That’s easy! Join Stop the Alabama Beverage Tax and encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to do the same. There is strength in numbers and the more of us who band together, the harder it will be for politicians to ignore us.