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Dictating Choice is Counterproductive

From restricting the sizes of beverages to banning entire food categories, legislative proposals continue to unfold, threatening consumer choice and businesses alike.

Politicians backing these policies claim they will help reduce obesity. In reality, bans will do nothing to change behaviors or teach people about healthy lifestyles. Only education about diet and exercise can do that.

It’s also well established that obesity is a complex issue—resulting from an array of factors, like genetics, age, stress and frequency of physical activity. Therefore, it can’t be addressed by bans and restrictions that target one product. The simple fact is science has consistently demonstrated that all calories count when it comes to obesity—not merely ones from a specific food, beverage or ingredient.

Fortunately there are many beverage and food choices available—in a wide variety of calorie counts and sizes. Consumers should continue to have the freedom to choose among these options what they eat, drink and feed their families without government control, oversight or influence.

Consumer Opposition to Government Restrictions

People overwhelmingly oppose bans and restrictions on what they eat and drink. According to a Gallup Poll, 69% oppose government-imposed size restrictions on their beverages. Together, we can continue to let lawmakers know bans and restrictions only limit our choices and hurt small businesses and jobs in our communities.

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