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Fads Fade Away, and Taxes Don’t Save the Day

Americans for Food and Beverage Choice

Over the decades, diet trends come and go. The pattern is the same though. Villify carbs, while propping up protein. Banish eggs, only to find out later they are actually good for you. The piece of advice that remains constant throughout fluctuating dietary recommendations is moderation. This is the key to a healthier America, not random regulations on what you buy at the grocery store.

A recent article in The Globe and Mail drives this point home. The paper’s editorial board says: “There is no magic bullet of the kind beloved by diet gurus – an approach now recognized as ineffective through past governments’ demonizing of saturated fat, which led to the increased consumption of low-fat, high-carbohydrate processed foods directly associated with the modern obesity trend.”

Soda taxes, proposed by some politicians, are the latest in a series of government-led trends, which attempt to tell you what you should and should not consume. The motive, though, is really revenue. Slap a tax on a common grocery item, and the government reaps the benefits of the proceeds. There is a higher cost, though, not only for hard-working consumers and local businesses, but also for our freedom of choice.

At the end of the day, and with every passing fad, it always comes back to moderation. Regressive taxes won’t solve anything. Our health, and the beverages we enjoy, always come back to balance.

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