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Spring Ahead with Balanced Choices

Rosanne Rust, MS, RDN, LDN

Are you one of those people who dreads Daylight Savings Time? You just start getting used to waking up with the sun, and boom– we turn the clocks ahead!  Well springtime is the perfect time to do some forward thinking about your eating and exercise habits, too. As a dietitian, I enjoy helping people improve their eating habits and enjoy better health, but the truth is, I don’t expect you to eat perfectly healthy meals and snacks 100% of the time

I sure don’t, and perfection is not necessary to create a healthy lifestyle!

A healthy lifestyle is created with balance:

  • Get your zzz’s. Sleep is vital to health. It helps maintain a healthy immune system and even helps with weight control!
  • Plan your meals each day - a simple bowl of oatmeal, a fruit and yogurt smoothie, a hard-cooked egg, or a glass of milk and a breakfast bar can do the trick when you’re in a hurry in the morning. Using the USDA guidelines to choose variety each day at lunch and dinner. It’s pretty simple: a cup of vegetables or salad; a half cup of whole grain rice or pasta or a small roll; and a 3-5 ounce serving of protein.

Everything you eat and drink matters, so this is why the concept of moderation is so important.

I don’t know too many people who want to drink water exclusively, so an occasional sweetened beverage is fine. I also love dessert, but I can’t eat dessert every day and maintain a healthy weight. Keep portions in mind and make choices that are right for you- there is no one size fits all diet.

You know what’s good for you. Spring ahead with these healthy habits each day!

In addition to being the mother of 3 sons, Rosanne has nearly 30 years of experience in the food and nutrition field. She is the coauthor of several books, including DASH Diet For Dummies®, which all share her philosophy of balancing healthy eating with exercise and an enjoyment of life's little pleasures. Check out her blog, Chew The Facts, for more on this topic.

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