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Stand Up to Food Nannies

We’re sick of the food nannies telling us what we can and can’t eat.

In the 80’s, they told us fat was bad, now, we understand that most fats are good for you. Then, they told us salt was out of the question. Now, the science affirms that there is minimal support for drastic reducing sodium intake. Now, the food nannies are coming for sugar. Specifically, sugar sweetened beverages.

From California to Pennsylvania, local and state government food nannies are proposing beverage taxes under the guise of improving public health. These proposals simply serve as an ill-fitting band aid for politicians with a severe problem of overspending. Singling out one caloric source is never a good, nor realistic, path to achieving better health— overall balance and consideration of all calories matters most. And the science proves it.

Learn more on The Truth About Beverage Taxes and don’t let the food nannies tell you what you can and cannot eat. What goes in your grocery cart is your choice.

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