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Voters Reject Beverage Tax in Telluride, Colorado!

The closer voters look at soda taxes, the less they like what they see. 

That was the lesson last year when Californians overwhelmingly rejected soda taxes in the cities of Richmond and El Monte.  And it has been borne out again with the defeat of Proposition 2A in Telluride, Colorado by an overwhelming margin- 68% to 32%. 

Voters understand that beverage taxes limit consumers’ choice and hurt businesses. They know that providing people with information, encouraging physical activity and watching how many calories they eat are proven strategies for leading a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle. 

Recently, a new proposal was introduced in San Francisco to enact a similar tax on beverages, despite the fact the voters have consistently defeated these measures.

Supporters of taxes on foods and beverages would do well by their communities by letting go and moving on. Don’t our elected officials have something better to do with their time?

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