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San Jose Mercury News Says "No" to Beverage Taxes

Check out the latest San Jose Mercury News editorial against beverage taxes!

As this opinion correctly points out, other states (most notably Arkansas and West Virginia) have passed similar taxes and yet continue to rank among the most obese states in the nation! In fact, Arkansas which passed a "soda tax" in 1992, saw its adult obesity rate increase from 17% to 34.5% over a 20-year period!

We agree with the Mercury News that "To really make a difference in the obesity trend, lawmakers need to look more broadly at its causes..."

After all, obesity is influenced by a multitude of factors- not the least of which are age, genetics, gender, lack of sleep, physical activity, among others according to the Mayo Clinic.

In 2013, several news outlets editorialized against these kinds of policies that burden small businesses and consumers. With this latest editorial, we're off to a great start in 2014!

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