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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: soda taxes do not decrease obesity

Despite previous efforts by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to fund soda tax efforts as a means to cut obesity, a recent report released by the organization casts serious doubt on the impact soda taxes have on decreasing obesity levels. Instead, the report found that soda taxes cause the population to replace calories from sugar-sweetened beverages with calories from other sources, thereby resulting in no measurable impact on overall health.

This marks the second such report by the influential health organization debunking the arguments that soda taxes will reduce obesity.

As noted by the Washington Examiner, this report “could be a major blow to liberal and progressive state and local leaders who believe that high soft-drink taxes will instantly cut obesity, especially in children. It also undercuts social advocates who believe it is up to lawmakers to take over for parents and steer the nation’s children on a path to healthy living.”

The discredited claim that soda taxes decrease obesity serves to underscore our motto at Californians for Food and Beverage Choice that taxes and regulations don’t make people healthy — diet and exercise do! In fact, we highlight some of the same conclusions on HERE.

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