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Asian Business Association Opposes SB 1000

Today’s Asian Journal highlights an opinion piece by Dennis Huang, Executive Director and CEO of the Asian Business Association, that describes the negative impact Senate Bill 1000 would have on hundreds of products, including popular drinks imported and sold by thousands of Asian American business owners and entrepreneurs in California.

“It is the unintended consequences of SB 1000 that should have Asian business owners concerned – particularly those businesses that sell imported beverages like Ramune soda and certain fruit beverages like mango and coconut drinks, which contain sugar. Those products, even though they are not produced in California, would require warning labels on the cans and bottles in order to be sold in California.

 It’s not clear if the elected officials in Sacramento considered this fact before writing the bill or if any of them had consulted the Asian business community to avoid this type of unintended consequences.

Government mandates to put warning labels on our beverages will do nothing to decrease obesity in California or teach people about healthy lifestyles. Rather, the labels will be costly to business and expose many restaurants and grocers to civil penalties.”

Read the piece in its entirety here.

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