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Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Legislation Won’t Work

Today’s Los Angeles Daily News features an op-ed by Susan Neely, President and CEO of the American Beverage Association, which rightly points out that educating people about balancing calories and activity is the best way to help them make decisions regarding their health, not scaring them into making the choices bureaucrats think are best.

As Neely pointed out, California’s Senate Bill 1000, which has currently been defeated in the state Legislature, would add “safety warning labels” to sweetened beverages, stating that the products “contribute to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay.” Unlike front-of-package calorie labels, however, the warnings don’t provide useful information that will lead to better health outcomes. Many supporters of SB 1000 said the warning labels have little to do with whether it will actually achieve better health outcomes for Californians, rather it’s mostly about garnering headlines. California voters deserve more transparency from politicians than a law that won’t actually work.

Singling out just a few products won’t help boost consumer health, but education, diet, and exercise will! Remember: What you eat and drink is your choice. Don’t let politicians decide what goes into your grocery cart.

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