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Warning labels dead, taxes being resurrected

What’s in a person’s grocery cart should be their own business – a truth that California lawmakers agreed with on Tuesday.

California’s bill to require a warning label on sugar-sweetened beverages failed in committee. This is yet another loss for politicians aiming to regulate personal decisions.

California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) notes in food industry publication Food Safety News that the bill is, “…an honorable effort, but I feel it’s ineffective.” Gonzalez, who noted that soda manufacturers create important jobs in her district, argued that labeling one type of product but “ignoring others” does not adequately address the problem of diabetes and called for a holistic approach instead.

California’s legislature has spoken and recognized that  government regulation over education is not a real solution if we want to get serious about reducing or preventing obesity.

We’ll keep you posted on efforts around California to limit choice and mislead consumers.

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