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Bye Bye (Forever) Bloomberg Soda Ban

New Yorkers are tough, resilient and independent.  Anybody who has been to the five boroughs knows; you can’t push around a New Yorker.  Their (ex) Mayor and nanny state politicians, learned that lesson again today, too, as the highest court in the state struck down the Bloomberg soda ban for good.  “The Bloomberg big-soda ban is officially dead,” announced The New York Times.  Score one for common sense.  

It has been almost two years since a limit on soft drink size was introduced – and it has been a long battle since. Today, however, New Yorkers heard freedom ring when the city lost its final appeal on the soda ban, exhausting its legal options for reinstating a rule that became a point of contention as soon it was enacted under Michael Bloomberg in 2012. Judge Eugene F. Pigott Jr. wrote in his decision that the city’s Board of Heath “exceeded the scope of its regulatory authority” with the ban, which two lower state courts has already ruled against.

However, some nanny-staters just won’t follow the will of the people.  The city's health boards has vowed to continue in this fight.  So we must, too!  

Bans only limit our choices and invite government to a seat at our dinner tables.  Education – not more laws and regulation – is the best way to fight obesity.  It’s about personal responsibility.  What we eat, drink and feed our families is our own choice and doesn’t need government oversight.  New Yorkers knew that and didn’t let their politicians push them around.  Will you?

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