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Hawaii Rejects Soda Tax And Warning Label Proposals


Politicians in Hawaii have abandoned soda tax and warning-label proposals again this year. Logic and common sense have prevailed thanks to the help of voters like you!

We stand united in fighting these misguided proposals that unfairly single out one industry.  After all, we know that they will do nothing to improve public health. The truth is, misguided warning labels on certain sugar-sweetened beverages – but not on other more caloric foods and beverages – confuse consumers about the causes of diabetes and obesity.  If we want to get serious about obesity, it starts with meaningful education – not misleading warning labels and soda taxes. 

Hawaii knows that there are better ways to help make people healthy – and we agree.  We must all share in the responsibility, rather than simply scapegoating certain foods and beverages.

So, thanks Hawaii!  Let’s continue to work together and challenge these shortsighted proposals!

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