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Freedom and Independence at the Supermarket

Kim Galeaz, RDN CD

Let’s pretend it’s the year 2025. Picture your typical 4th of July picnic, party, or cookout. Now, imagine shopping for all those foods and beverages in your favorite supermarket.

You’ll be taxed on practically every holiday treat containing sugar, from the American Flag cake, southern sweet tea, baked beans, ketchup and buns for hamburgers and pickle relish and buns for hotdogs. You’ll see warning labels plastered across the packages of your red, white, and blue cookies (sugar) and even on that deli counter potato salad (salt and sugar).

Seems far-fetched, right? Hopefully. But given the sad state of affairs right now in 2015, I have my concerns and doubts. Too many leaders, so-called experts, and powers-that-be have gotten their way with controlling your choices. Regressive taxes, regulations, restrictions and out-right bans continue to be proposed on sugar-sweetened beverages – even sugary desserts and snacks in some states. It’s all couched as a critical public health step while disregarding individual choice and preferences. Politicians seem to have forgotten that behavior change comes with empowerment through education and conscientious personal responsibility.

As you enjoy your 4th of July celebration this year, I hope you will join me in declaring independence and freedom from government control over food and beverages choices.

Kim Galeaz RDN CD is an Indianapolis-based registered dietitian nutritionist and believes in vibrant aging and optimal health by blending and balancing all food/beverage choices with a daily dose of positive attitude and activity. As owner of Galeaz Food & Nutrition Communications, she’s a recipe creator, writer, speaker, spokesperson and advocacy consultant for the food, beverage and agriculture industry. Find Kim’s nutrition tips & recipes @KimFoodTalk


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