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The Power of Education Over Police State Regulation

Americans for Food & Beverage Choice

Take a look at the news today and you’ll see stories of how politicians want to get into the business of deciding what we eat and drink. Even though people have made it perfectly clear they are against taxes on common grocery items, that’s not stopping the food nannies from attempting to meddle with our personal choices. 

The narrative goes something like this: government needs to tax foods and beverages, because consumers couldn’t possibly read a label and strike a healthy balance themselves. What’s wrong with this? Many things.

First of all, surely politicians have more pressing matters than dictating what we can eat, drink and feed our families. Second, slapping a tax on one source of calories does nothing to get at the root of complex public health issues like obesity.

If the goal is really about making America healthier, getting that done takes education and collaboration. When we treat health this way – holistically and comprehensively – meaningful change can happen. And meanwhile, Americans remain in the driver’s seat when it comes to making these personal decisions. When what you eat and drink isn’t policed; the choice is yours alone.

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