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‘Tis the Season of Eating: 3 Tips for 5 Weeks

Kim Galeaz, RDN CD

While enjoying your favorite stuffing and sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and pecan pie this Thanksgiving, take a moment and pause. Pause to give thanks for our abundance of food and beverage choices here in America.

But pause literally – or at least slow down - your hand-to-mouth action. Because if you’re going to survive this five week “season of eating” without gaining weight, you need to be mindful of every sip and bite you take. Slow down and savor the sweets, so to speak.

Here are my “registered dietitian” tips to help you navigate every food festivity without having to forgo your seasonal favorites like candy canes, eggnog, sparkling party punch, and sausage cheese balls.

  1. Strategize. At every office party, holiday brunch, buffet or cocktail party, peruse food choices before plate piling. Walk around every food table and beverage station to pick out items you rarely enjoy or you absolutely love during the holidays. Your aunt’s famous pecan cheeseball with savory herbs and homemade shortbread crackers?! Only during the holidays. Chips and salsa? Pass. You enjoy them all year long.
  2. Nibbles and Bites Add Up. Before you know it, you’ve nibbled away at hundreds of calories. And this doesn’t count those big, special meals. So PLAN those holiday choices strategically to include all of your favorite foods and beverages.
  3. Balance by Moving. Balance extra calories with extra movement. Get active. Work it. Do something. Anything to burn more calories. Dance to jazzy holiday tunes, walk to check out Christmas lights. More activity = more calories burned.

Now bring on the fruitcake! 

Kim Galeaz RDN CD is an Indianapolis-based registered dietitian nutritionist and believes in vibrant aging and optimal health by blending and balancing all food/beverage choices with a daily dose of positive attitude and activity. As owner of Galeaz Food & Nutrition Communications, she’s a recipe creator, writer, speaker, spokesperson and advocacy consultant for the food, beverage and agriculture industry. Find Kim’s nutrition tips & recipes @KimFoodTalk

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